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You Are What You Think

You Are What You Think

This may be true to some extent, but I believe that a more accurate statement is: You Are What You Think.

Conviction and Repentance

Conviction and Repentance

Trials, like the one I was forced to go through, last forever to the person who endures it. Being accused and convicted over and over for my actions caused me to feel continually nauseous. Over time I became feverish and I sweat bullets from the start to the finish.

Don't Hurry Be Happy

Don’t Hurry Be Happy

Can we eliminate hurry? When I am at the store and I am getting ready to checkout I always will look for not only the shortest lane, but the lane that has the fewest items in the line. That’s my line. Why? Because I am in a hurry.

I give up

I Give Up

Once again we are on the dawn of a brand new year. A new beginning of sorts. A time where people fabricate resolutions about how their year will be better than the last.

gay debate

The Gay Debate

The other day my Facebook feed blew up with pictures of shaggy beards and camouflage. Apparently a guy that likes ducks said something polarizing about gay folks. This has caused people to once again take up arms, draw lines in the sand and pick sides.

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