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the lost art of running away

The Lost Art of Running Away

Why do we value more and not less? We want to do more, be more, accomplish more. I find that more things get added to my plate than taken away. Sometimes I feel like running away.

the danger of rock and roll

The Danger of Rock and Roll

I grew up in the church and I went to a Christian school until I was in the 9th grade. Several times throughout my youth and childhood I was urged to watch videos about how evil Rock and Roll is. I guess this was to make sure that I turned out OK. Some youth groups would even have parties where kids would come and smash their evil CDs.

youre not good enough

You’re Not Good Enough

Often times in life we walk around with a soundtrack playing in the back of our mind. The phrase that is stuck on repeat is “You’re not good enough.” We listen to this over and over and we get sad and depressed and start to agree with it. The problem is that it’s true!

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