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Holy Spit

Holy Spit

What holy spit has God been using in your life? Is there some painful, embarrassing, ugly or disgusting thing that is being used to bring God glory in you?

Losing Your Ear

Losing Your Ear

The other day I was reading through the Gospel of Luke. I like to read the Gospels because it is about Jesus. The problem that I have is that I have heard SO many teachings about Jesus and have read those books of the Bible SO many times that I tend to fill in the blanks while I read.

Don't Hurry Be Happy

Don’t Hurry Be Happy

Can we eliminate hurry? When I am at the store and I am getting ready to checkout I always will look for not only the shortest lane, but the lane that has the fewest items in the line. That’s my line. Why? Because I am in a hurry.

jesus tattoo

Jesus Tattoo

Texans were hit with a surprise this past week. Close to 60 Billboards around the Lubbock, Texas area have featured a picture of Jesus…with tattoos! Many Texans are outraged at these billboards calling them “blasphemous” and “not appropriate.”

parable of the gay democrat

Parable of the Gay Democrat

If Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan today who would that be about? Would it be about the Good Homosexual? Or maybe the Good Democrat? Since Jesus said that it was a despised Samaritan then I figure it would be someone that most Christians despise, and from reading Facebook is seems like Christians don’t like gays or Democrats very much.

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