holy hijack

Holy Hijack

holy hijack

Sometimes I think I’m so smart. I get an idea and I plan and prepare and take action and just as I am beginning to move forward. Wham! There’s a hijack. A Holy Hijack. A moment where God yanks the steering wheel out of my hands and says “We are going this way!”

god is my co pilot

Have you ever seen the bumper sticker that says “God is my Co-Pilot?” The first few times that I saw that I thought it was cute. But the more I thought about it I realized that it wasn’t as cute as I first thought. It implies that I am in the pilot’s seat and God is just off to the side giving advice here and there. Then I began thinking that a better saying would be “God is my pilot!” That sounds way more spiritual anyway. Now as I ponder it further it kind of makes me feel like God is flying this imaginary plane and I can just sit back and really have no control over anything. The reality is that I do have control over my actions, I’m not a robot, although I do act like one around my kids sometimes. So is He my co-pilot or my pilot? I have no clue. Maybe it’s best not to try to live by “bumper sticker theology.”

Either way, sometimes we run into moments that totally get hijacked by God. Proverbs 19:21 which says that we human have many plans, but it is His plan that will last. I wonder if He ever looks down at us and says “Aww, isn’t it cute that they think they have everything all planned out. Let’s throw a little monkey-wrench in there!” Maybe that’s never happened to you.

Sometimes these Holy Hijacks are good and positive, and make sense. Imagine you are getting ready to take a new high paying job and just before you start working there the place gets shut down for the illegal manufacturing and sale of plush unicorn dolls. Whew! That was a close call! That hijack makes PERFECT sense!

Other times the Holy Hijacks don’t seem so good. You just signed a mortgage on your first home, you’re expecting a baby and WHAM! Unemployed! Now what?

I believe that our lives are filled with these little hijacks. I think that God does this to teach us important lessons and to get us to trust Him more. How should we cope with these inconvenient interventions? Well, let’s go back to our little bumper sticker.

I believe that God is our co-pilot who is trying to help us, guide us and direct us as we go through this slow journey called life. From time to time though, he grabs the yoke out of our hands and starts to fly the plane himself, now he is the pilot. At this critical juncture you have a choice to make. Do you wrestle Him to get the control back? Or do you trust him to take you where you need to go?

[quote style=”boxed”]When the situation is out of our control…it is IN God’s control.[/quote]

When the situation is out of our control…it is IN God’s control. Don’t forget that. You may be facing something right now and you feel like you have absolutely NO control or power over. Guess what! You’ve been Holy Hijacked. At this point it’s best to order a beverage, sit back and trust our heavenly Father to bring you though it.