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they aren't the problem

They Aren’t The Problem

I am generally able to conjure up some advice, and I try to make it Biblical whenever possible, however I have noticed a common thread in the advice that I give. I have found that most of the problems that people face in life is not the other people in our life. It is not your husband, wife, teen or rabid monkey. It is not your past. It is not all of the horrible things that you have been through. They aren’t the problem.

murder witness

Murder Witness

Today is going to be in odd day for me. I was called on Friday and was told that I am required to appear in court this afternoon. This will be my first time serving as a witness on a murder trial, or a witness to anything for that matter.

parable of the gay democrat

Parable of the Gay Democrat

If Jesus told the story of the Good Samaritan today who would that be about? Would it be about the Good Homosexual? Or maybe the Good Democrat? Since Jesus said that it was a despised Samaritan then I figure it would be someone that most Christians despise, and from reading Facebook is seems like Christians don’t like gays or Democrats very much.

the thin line

The Thin Line

With the eons that have long since past and the infinite time still yet to come I have been given a very small gift, a present if you will, of the present. My control of the past is over and my plans for the future are foggy at best, but I can influence this small nick of time that I now inhabit.

call to courage

Call to Courage

Why do we value security so much? The advice that is usually given to teens is go to school so you can get a good job and have security. The dream of most people is not a pursuit of happiness or fulfillment but it is a pursuit of security.

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